Alastair Beddie

Alastair and his wife, Sarah, started going to Capstone in 2014. He started Capstone’s Youth Ministry by reaching the youth in the community though the Rosscarrock Youth Drop-In Centre which still continues. They also open their home up to host the Capstone Youth Group which meets on Sundays. Alastair also helps coordinate Capstone Kids, Capstone’s Children’s Ministry.

Alastair and Sarah have been married for 6 years and have been calling Calgary home for the last 3 years. Both of them and their dog, Skeena, live in Rosscarrock and love to go camping. They enjoy hiking, long walks, worship, music, making food, and reading.

Alastair is one of Capstone Churches interns and is going to school for his 4th year at Ambrose University for a Bachelor of Ministry in Youth Ministry. Sarah is a graduate of the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, and has her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and works at Foothills Hospital.

Sarah and Alastair are passionate about Christ and His work in Calgary. They are passionate about reaching other for Christ by living in the community and supporting other programs in this area as well as running programs through Alpha to introduce others to Christ.