House Church

“The Church was never meant to be a building you go to, but a family you belong to; This is why we don’t go to Capstone church – we are Capstone Church.'”

– Kyle Harnett, Pastor


Capstone Church lives out community in three ways:



Sunday Service is the big component, where the whole church family comes together for a word & worship. There is something unique that happens when we gather together in a large community and celebrate and cast vision. Sunday’s are great because we get to connect in community, be encouraged and challenged by a sermon, and celebrate in singing and worship!


Being part of Capstone is so much more than just Sundays. House Churches are where we meet throughout the week to connect and go deeper in community and faith. House Church is just that: the church meeting in a house. It is smaller groups of people from Capstone who meet on an evening during the week to build community, grow spiritually, and serve the community. House Church is h0w we walk through life together, sharing the challenges and victories.


The “small” is what we call discipleship groups. Discipleship Groups are smaller groups within House Church. This is where we care for one another, it’s where mentorships and friendships are formed, and it’s where friendships and accountability thrive.


Point McKay Thursday Night Mixed Group

Thursday @ 7:30 pm

Banff Trail Thursday Night Mixed Group

Thursday @ 7:30 pm

Tuscany Wednesday Night Mixed Group

Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Rosscarrock Wednesday Night Women’s Group

Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Glenbrook Wednesday Night Men’s Group

Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Erlton Monday Night Mixed Group

Monday @ 7:00 pm

Rosscarrock Monday Night Mixed Group

Monday @ 7:00 pm

Rosscarrock Monday Night Women’s Group

Monday @ 6:45 pm